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Useful information: housing, administrative help, transportation, ...

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It contains information about transportation, stores, housing, how to get help with administrative procedures, and some information for people having a Jussieu appartment.


Keep in mind that no store stays open during the night, and that most stores close at least one day a week.

Carrefour and Franprix are the main supermarket chains in Paris. Picard deals with frozen food.
Some Monoprix stores also have food. For instance the one on Boulevard Saint Michel, which is open 7/7.

Drogueries and quincailleries are hardware stores. Drugs are bought in pharmacies. They are open Mon-Sat; for holiday and Sundays, see pharmacies de garde, for instance at There is one on rue Soufflot.

If you need to see a doctor, ask for an address at the closest pharmacy. (In principle, seeing a general physician costs 25 Euros, but it can be more expensive. Most GP do not visit patients.) On weekends and holidays, SOS-médecins, phone: 01 47 07 77 77 or 36 24 (costs up to 70 Euros).

Typical opening times of stores (but there are exceptions)

Specialty food stores, such as butchers, fish stores, fruit stores are typically closed on Sunday afternoon and Mondays. They are also often closed during lunch hours (12:30 or 1pm - 3:30 or 4pm).
Bakeries are open all day; they close one day a week, which day depends on the shop.

There are neighbourhood markets several days a week, in the morning, they close usually at 1pm. There is one on Place Monge (Wed, Fri and Sun), on Place Maubert (Tu, Th, Sat). A list of all market places can be found here. (An English version of the page, together with other useful information can be found here.)
On rue Mouffetard, the famous open-air market, open all day Tu-Sat, and Sunday morning (very touristic and quite expensive).

There are also some convenience stores which are open all week and late at night, usually they are quite expensive.

Supermarkets are typically open Monday-Saturday and closed Sundays (sometimes open in the morning). Except in touristic areas where they might be open 7/7.

Same thing for non-food stores: open Mo-Sat, closed on Sundays. Except in touristic areas.

Public transportation and others

Public transportation works well in Paris. The bus lines 21 and 27 have stops very near the IHP (Saint Jacques Gay-Lussac), bus 89 has a stop at Panthéon (5 minutes); the RER stop Luxembourg is also quite close (5 - 10 minutes walk). So, for instance it is worth investigating appartments located in the 13th arrondissement.

The web site of the RATP has all the information about public transports (with the exception of OrlyVal, which is private). (The menu on the right gives more options, in particular prices and descriptions of kinds of tickets). A monthly Navigo pass costs 75,20 Euros, a weekly one 22,80 Euros. You will need to buy a “Navigo Découverte Travel card”, at any subway station (it costs 5 Euros, you need to bring an ID photo. Some FAQ). A pack of 10 Tickets t+ costs 14,90 Euros. A single t+ ticket costs 1,90 Euros, and a ticket you buy on the bus costs 2 Euros, but does not allow transfer.

There are bikes in self-service. The system is that you buy a ticket or a suscription; you can use the bike for 30 minutes for free, any additional half-hour costs money. The company which does this is Velib, but a new operator just started, so it is not working well at the moment. Other options are Gobee, O-bike and OFO bikes, but they work with an app, and you pay as you go (0.50 Euros for 30 minutes on Gobee).


Getting housing in Paris is difficult and expensive. For help, you should write to Delphine (, giving all details (dates, size, price range). The staff at the IHP will be away from July 26 (included) to September 4, so do not expect an answer before September. Be aware that the minimum price for a studio is around 1000 Euros/month, and that the closer to the IHP you stay, the more expensive it will be.

Here are a few options:
Through the IHP:

  • The Jussieu appartments. At the moment, they are all taken, but there is a waiting list.
  • We have access to another set of appartments. They are moderately priced Studios and 1 Bedroom appartment (2 pièces = 2 rooms = 1 BR + living room), and are located near Gare de Lyon. It is not very convenient transportationwise: count 30 minutes by public transportation. You will need to go through the IHP, to obtain the preferential rates.
  • The IHP has a few other places to propose.

    Without the help of the IHP:

  • La Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris. For students and researchers or artists. You need to apply yourself. It is very much in demand, so it is absolutely not guaranteed that you will get a room, even if you appy early (of course, the earlier, the better). There are several houses, and prices differ from house to house. There are several kinds of housing: most are dorm rooms (for students), but there are also studios. Here is the link to apply. If you know someone staying there, you may want to ask him/her to enquire for you.
  • Centre International de Séjour de Paris. Proposes moderately priced rooms (60 Euros/night, breakfast included). Suitable for short stays.
  • This page contains a list of private student houses. Be aware that there are often restrictions as to gender and/or age.
  • It might be worth trying to rent a big appartment and share it.
  • Science-Accueil can help you find housing, mostly in the Southern suburb near line B of the RER. The stop Luxembourg of line B is very near the IHP.
  • The Kastler Foundation can help you find housing.

    Help with administrative procedures

  • ACC&SS Paris-Centre. Located 17 Boulevard Jourdan.
  • Science-Accueil.
  • Guide for Chateaubriand fellows. Some of the information is directed at Chateaubriand fellows, but it contains a lot of useful information for foreign students, and more generally foreign scientists. It has also some information about housing, opening a bank account, etc.
  • The Kastler Foundation.

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