Workshop Model Theory of Valued fields
5 - 9 March 2018, IHP, amphitheater Hermite

This workshop is part of the trimester Model Theory, Combinatorics and Valued fields, to be held at the Institut Henri Poincaré, 8 January - 6 April 2018. It will concentrate on the part of the programme having to do with valued fields: Model theory of Henselian valued fields with the valuation topology; Motivic integration; Algebraically closed valued fields, imaginaries, and Berkovich spaces; Valued fields with additional structure; Transseries and surreal numbers; Definable groups.

Scientific Committee

Zoé Chatzidakis (CNRS - ENS), Antoine Ducros (Sorbonne Université), Martin Hils (Münster), Tom Scanlon (UC Berkeley, chair)

This meeting is sponsored by the ASL and the NSF.

Participants    Some abstracts     
The timetable will soon be available. The meeting will start on Monday morning at 9am, and end on Friday afternoon at 4:30pm.

List of speakers

Sylvy Anscombe (UCLAN): A p-adic analogue of Siegel's Theorem on sums of squares
Matthias Aschenbrenner (UCLA)
Antoine Chambert-Loir: Motivic height zeta functions and motivic Euler products (Paris Diderot)
Raf Cluckers (CNRS Lille): Uniform p-adic wave front sets and zero loci of functions of C^{exp}-class.
Françoise Delon (CNRS - Paris 7): C-minimal valued fields
Arthur Forey (Sorbonne Université): Virtual rigid motives of definable sets in valued fields
Julia Gordon (U. British Colombia)
Immanuel Halupczok (Düsseldorf): An analogue of o-minimality for valued fields
Ehud Hrushovski (Oxford): Specialization of difference equations in positive characteristic
Franziska Jahnke (Münster): NIP Henselian fields
Will Johnson (Niantic): Multi-valued algebraically closed fields are NTP2
Jochen Koenigsmann (Oxford): On the decidability of Q_p^{ab}
Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann (Szczecin): Pushing back the barrier of imperfection
François Loeser (Sorbonne Université): A non-archimedean Ax-Lindemann theorem
Matthew Morrow (CNRS - Sorbonne Université): An introduction to perfectoid spaces and the tilting correspondence
Sam Payne (Yale): Tropical motivic integration
Jerôme Poineau (Caen): Definability of Berkovich curves
Florian Pop (U. of Pennsylvania): On definability of valuations of finitely generated fields.
Silvain Rideau (CNRS - Paris Diderot): Toward an imaginary Ax-Kochen-Ershov principle
Romain Rioux (Paris): On the axiomatisation of C_p with roots of unity
Bernard Teissier (IMJ-PRG): Zero dimensional valuations on equicharacteristic noetherian local domains
Michael Temkin (Hebrew University): Topological transcendence degree

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