Workshop Model Theory and Combinatorics
29 January - 2 February 2018, IHP

This workshop is part of the trimester Model Theory, Combinatorics and Valued fields, to be held at the Institut Henri Poincaré, in the amphitheater Hermite, 8 January - 6 April 2018. It will concentrate on the combinatorial part of the programme: Additive combinatorics (approximate subgroups and variations); Around Szemerédi Regularity Lemma and Density Theorem; Pseudofinite structures (e.g., ultraproducts of finite structures); Vapnik-Chervonenkis theory, applications, and NIP theories; Continuous model theory; Generalised stability theory and tame structures.

Scientific Committee

Emmanuel Breuillard (Münster/Orsay), Dugald MacPherson (Leeds), Sergei Starchenko (Notre Dame, chair), Frank Wagner (Lyon 1).

This meeting is sponsored by the ASL and the NSF.

Timetable     Abstracts      Participants      Videos      Some slides are available below.


Monday, January 29
9:30 am: Alex Lubotzky (Hebrew U.): First order rigidity of high-rank arithmetic groups
10:50 am: Balázs Szegedi (Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics). CANCELLED
2 pm: Artem Chernikov (UCLA): Model-theoretic distality and incidence combinatorics (Slides)
3 pm: János Pach (EPFL Lausanne and Renyi), Let's talk about multiple crossings (Slides)
4:20 pm: Martin Bays (Münster): Pseudo-finite dimensions, modularity, and generalisations of Elekes-Szabó. (Slides)

Tuesday, January 30
9:30 am: Dhruv Mubayi (UI Chicago): New Developments in Hypergraph Ramsey Theory (Slides)
10:50 am: Micha Sharir (Tel Aviv): The Algebraic Revolution in Combinatorial and Computational Geometry: State of the Art (Slides)
2 pm: Mirna Dzamonja (East Anglia): Absolute notions in model theory (Slides)
3 pm: Patrice Ossona de Mendez (EHSS): Modeling limits (Slides)
4:20 pm: David Evans (Imperial): Automorphism groups and Ramsey properties of sparse graphs (Slides)
5:20 pm: Poster session
6 pm: Wine anc cheese reception

Wednesday, January 31
9:30 am: Abdul Basit (Notre Dame): Rank Bounds for Design Matrices and Applications (Slides)
10:50 am: Pierre Simon (Berkeley): On finite dimensional omega-categorical structures and NIP theories
11:50 am: Jaroslav Nesetril (Prague), Ramsey classes and sparsity for finite models (Slides).

Thursday, February 1
9:30 am: Peter Keevash (Oxford), More designs.
10:50 am: Mauro Di Nasso (Pisa): Using nonstandard natural numbers in Ramsey Theory (Slides)
2 pm: Caroline Terry (Maryland): A stable arithmetic regularity lemma in finite-dimensional vector spaces over fields of prime order
3 pm: Gabriel Conant (Notre Dame): Stable and NIP regularity in groups
4:20 pm: Todor Tsankov (Université Paris Diderot): Metrizable universal minimal ows and Ramsey theory

Friday, February 2
9:30 am: Timothy Gowers (Cambridge): A quantitative inverse theorem for the U^4 norm over finite fields
10:50 am: Saugata Basu (Purdue): Quantitative bounds on the topology of semi-algebraic and definable sets.
11:50 am: Maryanthe Malliaris (Chicago): Combinatorics and saturation
2:40 pm: Jan Hubicka (Charles U.), Ramsey theorems for classes of structures with functions and relations. (Slides)

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