Conference Model Theory and Applications
26 - 30 March 2018, IHP, amphitheater Hermite

This is the final conference of the trimester Model Theory, Combinatorics and Valued Fields, as well as the final conference of the ANR ValCoMo. All themes of the trimester will be represented.

Scientific Committee

Elisabeth Bouscaren (CNRS - Orsay), Antoine Chambert-Loir (Paris-Diderot), David Marker (UI Chicago), Anand Pillay (Notre Dame, chair), Frank Wagner (Lyon 1).

This meeting is sponsored by the ASL and the NSF.

List of speakers

Özlem Beyarslan (Boğaziçi University)
Martin Hils (Münster)
Ehud Hrushovski (Oxford)
Rémi Jaoui (Waterloo)
Itay Kaplan (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
Krzysztof Krupinski (Uniwersytet Wroclawski/Mathematical Institute)
François Loeser (Sorbonne Université)
Dugald Macpherson (Leeds)
Rahim Moosa (Waterloo)
Joel Nagloo (City University of New York)
Alf Onshuus (Universidad de los Andes)
Kobi Peterzil (Haifa)
Jonathan Pila (Oxford)
Tamara Servi (Université Paris-Diderot) (to be confirmed)
Jozsef Solymosi (University of British Columbia)
Katrin Tent (Münster)
Lou Van den Dries (University of Illinois, Urbana): The mathematical legacy of A. Robinson
Julia Wolf (Bristol)
Dimitry Wyss (Sorbonne Université)

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